BAR/D UP Video Feature – Bartronica, CBD

Looking for a basement bar in the heart of the city that literally has all the bells and whistles? This is where Flinders Lane becomes memory lane as you follow the flashing lights to Bartronica. From the Mario Kart booth to the vintage pinball machines, arcade games and various Nintendo consoles, make sure you have full pockets because you’re sure to drop some serious coin here indulging every childhood fantasy. Grab some beers or one of the 80s inspired cocktails and sit them next to whichever game draws you in as you jump, drive, fly or shoot ‘em up, without worrying that your parents are going to tell you to stop and come for dinner. Oh and if you do get the munchies, the guys here have kept it really simple so you don’t have to think too hard and lose concentration, there’s Nachos, Nachos, or Nachos. Nice.

Open until 1am every night except Monday, the bar also has a great courtyard in case you want to escape for a while and just drink without having a controller or joystick in the other hand, but for those of you who are serious about your gaming you’ll probably be happy to lose yourself in this paradise for hours on end.

Also worth mentioning that if by chance you hear people randomly shooting guns, happen across a street fight and witness a spinning bird kick, or possibly see two strangely dressed little Italian men with moustaches looking for a big angry gorilla throwing barrels around, don’t worry….it’s all just part of the action here at Bartronica.


9629 9921

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