Beer Review: EPIC Loves Bacon IPA

I love bacon more than beer…. well, almost. But safe to say that when I see the two intertwined I tend to get as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Epic Brewing from Auckland are well known for big aromas and big flavours, which is perhaps why I was a little confused when I tried this smoked India Pale Ale. It’s quite timid, maybe even a little soft.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While I was sampling this one, it did occur to me that Epic Loves Bacon could be a nice little segue from hoppy pales to rauchbiers (smoked ales) for craft beer newbies. It has a nice sweet, toffee nose with a hint of smokey bacon (perhaps in an effort to get the maple syrup / bacon combo thing happening), and a lovely fluffy head which gives off a little earthy floral hit. For an India Pale Ale, it’s not overly bitter which, together with the light mouth feel, makes it quite easy to drink.

But I was looking for something every bacon-loving beer nerd craves: More hops and more pig!

Maybe the trick with this beer is to not focus on what it’s not and just enjoy it with some smoky pork ribs. Hurry, this is a limited release!

ABV: 6.3%
STYLE: Smoked India Pale Ale
SERVING TEMP: 8 degrees
FOOD PAIRING: Smoked meats or cheese
ORIGIN: Auckland, New Zealand
PRICE (RRP): 500ml $10

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