Beer Review: Kaiju Behemoth

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Formerly known as Monster Mash, until an energy drink company decided the average consumer would get as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles when they ordered a Monster Mash and didn’t have their heart ticking like a lab rat in less than two minutes, brother’s Cal and Nat Reeves have gone from strength to strength producing some consistently high quality beers, as well as a very approachable cider.

When deciding to rename themselves, the guys stayed true to the monster theme and went with Kaiju, which in Japanese literally means “strange creature”.  Their beers certainly pack a punch for those with lower lupulin thresholds, but what I love about them is that every beer in their range has its own character, and The Behemoth is no different.

So yes , it’s hoppy as hell. But it is well balanced against the roasty malt characters and the high ABV means there’s a very sublte ‘rum’n’raisin thing’ going on while still allowing for a truly complete beer experience. Originally brewed for this year’s Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular, the Behemoth is a powerful, punchy, full bodied affair with an earthy, grassy hop presence. I tested a few bottles (because I’m thorough like that!) and determined it was best drunk from a Spiegelau IPA glass, (pictured).
I asked one half of Kaiju, Nat Reeves, what he loved so much about The Behemoth. “It is so full on, it’s hoppy, it’s malty and roasty but all in perfect balance whilst still being a sensory overload in a good way.” I agreed with Nat to a point, except I found the sensory overload was bad, in that I just had to drink more!

ABV: 10.8%
Style: India Black Ale
Serving Temp: 10 degrees
Food Pairing: Sticky beef ribs or gooey chocolate mousse
Origin: Prahran, Victoria
Price (RRP): 500ml $20
Buy it here: Most good bottle shops around Melbourne, such as Slowbeer (Richmond), Malt & Vine (Newport)

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