Guy Grossi’s Taglierini with Pine Mushrooms

TIP: Don’t wash the mushrooms before you cook them. Use a fine-bristled brush such as an egg wash brush to brush off any soil etc that might be on them instead, because you don’t want to ruin their structure with water.

Serves 6



28 egg yolks

500g. Pangkarra wholegrain durum flour from Clare Valley


Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl with the dough hook attachment and mix on slow speed until smooth dough has formed. Wrap and refrigerate for two hours, allowing the dough to rest before using.

Cut the pasta dough in half and roll through the pasta roller on the widest opening. Fold and roll through again and repeat this until the dough is silky smooth in texture, then roll through the pasta roller through the settings until 2mm in thickness. Cut the pasta sheet into 20cm pieces.

Roll through the taglierini cutter or if you haven’t got a cutter, flour the sheets thoroughly and stack together, then cut with a sharp knife into 5mm wide pasta strips.

Roll into 100g portions.



150ml extra virgin olive oil

15g garlic, crushed

750g pine mushrooms, sliced

120g unsalted butter

30g flat leaf parsley, chopped

90g Reggiano Parmigiano, grated

Salt and cracked black pepper, to taste

30g Australian black truffle


Bring a pot of salted water to the boil.

Heat a pan on moderate heat with the olive oil and cook the garlic for a few seconds to infuse the oil mix in the mushrooms, and mix continuously for a minute. Add the butter and parsley season with salt and pepper.

Drop the pasta in the boiling water and mix gently to separate strands. Cook al dente for two minutes; strain and add to pasta with the Parmesan to the pan. Mix vigorously to emulsify, adding a little of the pasta water to the pan, and plate.

Shave Australian truffle over the top and serve immediately.

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