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Yoohoo, my pal Jolene is in town! She came all the way from Brisbane for a few days and it was my job to share Melbournians’ favourite morning activity, brunch! We also caught up with Heather today before us girls head to The Royal Melbourne Show. And of course, a beautiful roast is mandatory.

Lucky Penny was the venue, a lovely little café in the heart of South Yarra. Jol had a morning roll with egg and bacon sandwiched in soft bread. What made this sandwich special was the amount of tomato chutney and aioli that was slathered in between.

Lucky Penny also happens to serve some of the best waffles in town. Seriously sinful, but we would kill to have more of those waffles with cold chocolate and peanut butter cream inspired by rocky road.

If you rather stick with the old classic, try A Few Things. It includes a DIY muesli bowl for you to have as much or little yoghurt and milk as you prefer, a fruity side and a slice of carrot cake. Of course, the carrot cake was the best part.

Jan and his protein packed meal, screamed king to all other breakfast options, the big breakfast. The best part of the dish was the smoked meatballs and the amazing bacon slices.

Lucky Penny offers hearty food at affordable prices. Especially in a place like South Yarra, finding an inexpensive cafes is quite the challenge these days.

Cuisine: Breakfast, Brunch, Café Fare, Coffee
Addresss: 481 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Hours: Mon – Sun 8am – 5pm




Eve Lovelle

She prefers to be called, Eve, is a student in Melbourne University taking up Bachelor of Commerce degree. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, studied in Singapore for the past 12 years before moving into a university in Melbourne. Brunch over a cup of caffeine is her favourite pass time. EveLovelle takes on her experiences at cafes and restaurants, places that she has been since the blog start up.

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