North and Eight

Previously the local fruit shop, North and Eight in Essendon has brought a new palate of flavours and dining experience to the area. The North and Eight owners wanted to keep it local, and to design a light and airy space, giving the Essendon community a place to meet and enjoy each others company in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Owners Kylee and Adrian Dixen are Essendon locals serving locals. Offering everything from superfood salads and freshly squeezed juices for gym goers to menu features such as the Northella Houseshake with a Nutella doughnut on top, for those who are after a bit of a treat. Kylee says that Essendon locals are finally able to experience seasonal menus and specialty coffee, appropriate to the suburb’s rise in Melbourne’s food scene. Experienced cafe owners are drawn to Essendon to give diners what they want, fresh dishes with impeccable flavours.

North and Eight represents the importance of building a relationship with diners and local suppliers and respecting the produce from the moment it enters the cafe to the time it is served on the plate. Kylee says that local seasonal offering makes the food flavours come together. North and Eight pride themselves in serving elements such as Istra small goods and Murray Valley pork. The dishes at North and Eight are not complex, they are kept simple, allowing the flavours to speak for themselves. The exceptional combination of waffles with Korean Fried Chicken add extra interest to the menu, and is must try.

Kylee and Adrian Dixen’s aim is to know that their diners have had amazing tasting food and coffee to get them through the day, and allow them to feel relaxed enough that they would feel at home while dining. The North and Eight team is an important part of the running of the cafe. Kylee states that the most of the staff are locals and care for the customers greatly.
A wonderful team allows even more of a positive experience for diners.

North and Eight dishes are substantial and packed full of flavour, the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are attentive and passionate about the meals they are serving. North and Eight has definitely brought a sense of contemporary dining to the area, giving Buckley Street a lively new dining hotspot.

North and Eight
285-287 Buckley Street, Essendon
PH: (03) 9331 3858

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