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Rosa’s Kitchen, a new Italian restaurant by Rosa Mitchell (ex-Journal Canteen, Hobson’s Bay Hotel), David Mackintosh and Peter Bartholomew (both MoVida Group, Pei Modern and Coda), has moved in where Lucattini’s sat aging for over 20 years. The team got their hands dirty chipping away at plaster to reveal suffocated brick, and ripping up blue carpet that probably made women partial to doilies and floral wallpaper cringe. The amiably dated ‘cucina’ and ‘Italiana’ neon lettering remain outside. Inside, red and yellow chairs beg diners to loosen up, backed up by the informality of a menu scribbled in chalk on blackboards around the room.Rosa brings to her kitchen—and your mouth—homely, Sicilian food. Hospitality workers are already taking advantage of the late night bar menu (calling it a ‘bar menu’ doesn’t really do it justice), but we started with a small antipasto platter. An unassuming white plate arrived overflowing with crisp pea and cauliflower fritters, a barley salad with shards of tomato, pork salami spiked with fennel, silky grilled eggplant, firm fried chunks of ricotta, and other morsels that transported you to an Italian farmhouse in the hills.

We shared ravioli, a nostalgic favourite I used to order with my father on weekends. To this day the dish is referred to as ‘square noo-noos’ in my family. This entrée version featured six squares of perfectly seasoned pasta with eggplant in an acidic tomato sugo. At the table beside us, a gorgeous child with barely enough teeth for solids was demanding more penne with beef shin ragyu.
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Melbourne, VIC 3000
(Just behind Longrain)

Sofia Levin

Culinary travel journalist Sofia Levin uses food as a medium to celebrate difference. Based in Melbourne, she has a decade of experience writing for publications such as Lonely Planet, Good Food, Nat Geo Traveller, SBS Food, delicious., Domain Review, Broadsheet, Time Out and in-flight magazines. She co-authors travel and restaurant guidebooks and has a fiercely loyal social media following that embraces her mission to #EatCuriously. In 2020 Sofia launched Seasoned Traveller, a newsletter and website that encourages people to learn more about other cultures through food. Referred to as “one of Melbourne’s most influential and creative social media personalities” by Visit Victoria, she also works closely with brands and tourism boards to create and host content campaigns.

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