Red Hill Epicurean Centre

Recently, foodie whispers on the streets of the Peninsula led my curiosity to get the better of me, so I found myself wandering straight into the doors of the Red Hill Epicurean Centre. As soon as we entered I was very glad to have taken the advice and actually stopped, as this place is easily the coolest thing I’ve found in 2013 thus far.The Epicurean Centre, which opened a few weeks ago, is a miniature Eataly (for those of you who’ve been to New York City); what was formerly a tin shed warehouse is now an “entire region under one roof”: pizzeria, bar, wine cellar, deli, fromagerie and god knows what else, and it’s all kinds of amazing.

Exposed brick walls, white tiling with hanging lights, some green shrubbery and the subtle industrial style keep the look polished and fresh; drawing locals to the venue like a flock of seagulls to your fish and chip box.

On the ‘shed’ menu are Italian staples such as prosciutto bruschetta ($16), Italian cured meat platter ($32), wood-fired Calabria pizza ($21), slow roasted eye-fillet ($34) and Dromana mussels with linguini marinara ($25). The boys at the Epicurean pride themselves on local seasonal produce, with more than half the produce on the menu specifically hailing from the Mornington Peninsula.

The Epicurean plans to “expose the region for all of its qualities”, a disposition of which seems to be culminating accordingly. So pack your bags for the weekend, and put your best foodie foot forward – you’ll love the Epicurean Centre all all of its delicious Italian offerings.

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165 Shoreham

Red Hill South.
Ph: 5989 4000

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