Your fantasy best friend Nigella Lawson is in Australia 

Celebrity cook/every foodie’s fantasy best friend Nigella Lawson is in Australia – and the sun is shining just a bit brighter down under.

Here to promote her new cookbook Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food, Nigella has been speaking at events across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, including the Melbourne Business Chicks breakfast and Good Food event, Nigella Lawson In Conversation at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Masterchef has also revealed she has been filming for the next season of the show and there will be an entire week of shows dedicated to the Domestic Goddess.

In Brisbane today for the Brisbane Business Chicks Breakfast, Nigella told adoring fans she was particularly excited about the food culture in Australia.

“What I love about Australian food is, I think it’s unpretentious, I think it’s original without being tricksily [sic] original,” she said.

“The originality lies in the fact that there are so many different cultures that feed into Australia and it creates all these different strands.” Well, we’re flattered. We love you too, Ms Lawson!

Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food is available now.

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