Get Excited: A New Vegan Pizzeria Is Opening In Collingwood

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Just as the Christmas meat sweats dissipate and we start to feel really guilty about our resulting ecological footprints, a new vegan restaurant is opening northside.

Set to launch in Smith St, Collingwood early on this year, Red Sparrow Pizza will be the first fully vegan pizzeria established in Victoria.

Former Trippy Taco kitchen manager and Scotland’s The 78 head chef Michael Craig has been a vegan chef for over 10 years, relocating to Australia along with his partner, Red Sparrow co-owner Shelley Scott to open the pizzeria.

“Red Sparrow is a 100% plant-based wood-fired pizzeria  offering a modern twist on the classic pizzeria, with a focus on being environmentally and ethically responsible without compromising on taste,” Craig says.

“Our meat-and-dairy free pizzas are made in-house, using the highest quality ingredients and cooked in an Italian wood-fired oven, which are complemented by local craft beers and vegan wines.” Vegans and plant-based enthusiasts rejoice!

Red Sparrow will open in February 2017.


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