Bluebird Espresso

Located on Johnson Street, a little closer to Hoddle and away from the busy thoroughfare of Smith Street, Bluebird Espresso is a narrow little cafe that still exudes a bright, cheery and carefree atmosphere. Friendly and easy-going staff, pops of fresh flowers and a whole lot of blue, naturally.

Brad’s coffee looked lovely and dark, my orange juice was served fresh and cold in a cute little brown bottle. No chai this particular day as it was hot, hot, hot out and the air-con inside struggled against it. So a cool beverage was definitely in order!

Baked eggs for Brad, typical boy. Forgot what was in them, but the serving was modest (in the best way possible, enough to be filling but not stuffed) and scrumptious.

When we were looking at the menu, I was quite quick to pick this and Brad just responds with: “I knew you were going to choose that one.” Sigh, we’re both just getting far too predictable!

My fried Mexican eggs with tortilla, beans, corns and all that latino flavour was just divine. Yolks, dusted with salt crystals, that were just heaving and begging to be burst, were paired with plenty of spice and a whole lot of hearty. Great flavours all around.

I loved how reasonably priced the menu was, the selection (I really wanted to eat everything), the flavours and taste and the overall feel-good this place had. I just felt like I was tingling with soulful and joyful feelings. It’s hard to put into words.
134 Johnston St
Collingwood, VIC 3066

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