Do-Something tonight and be part of a revolution

Mates and fam are about to descend on you from afar. They’re cool, edgy and – worst of all – judgey (not a word, but we’re owning it). The pressure’s on for you to deliver THE NIGHT OF NIGHTS and you know you’re going to have to deliver more than Huxtaburger, Messina and a drink at Naked for Satan for that view. Yeah, Kris, that’s just not going to cut it.

Well standby, sweet things, a solution is soon at hand. A new digital guide, Do-Something, looms in the near future that will offer a curated list of things to eat, drink, hear, see and welds that together with what’s on in Melbourne on any night of the week so that you can slap cousin Amber and her life-partner, Tristan, a killer night that will blow their Williamsburg-loft living minds.

The concept is designed by artist, Jarryd Hood, and you can get involved before the app even launches by buying some of the illustrations that will feature. Sure you can buy them online from here or you can follow the app’s progress via Insta or you can one-up Amber and Tristan and actually attend the opening night tonight. Yep. It’s free and open at Magic Johnston between 5-9pm tonight and you can meet Jarryd there.

All the illustrations are part of the project and all money raised will be plunged straight back into the project.

“The style was designed to be executed in under an hour so, if an event is announced, we can get straight to work and have it up on the guide ASAP,” Jarryd said.

“The method behind the artwork was inspired by David Hockney’s last works that were painted on an iPad. The difference is my illustrations use black outlines and solid flat colour, similar to the Pop Art movement. The imagery has been created to show off Melbourne’s vibrant culture, so people, pets and plants are a common motif throughout.”

Now go do something, people.

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