There be dragons: Crown fire towers come to life this Chinese New Year

You know when you’re walking along the promenade outside Crown at night (or what Crown likes to call the ‘riverwalk’. No-one else does, just Crown, but let’s not digress) and you’re quietly walking by one of those black oblong things that wouldn’t look out of place from the opening scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey? Like this thing:

And then, WTF, Mary-ann, if that ain’t a fireball that’s gone up high in the sky tearing heavenwards feeling like it took your lash extensions along with it for the ride in some sort of fiery tribute to the gods of fortune. Yeah? Of course you do. Anyway, Crown’s gone and next-levelled it by whacking some dragon designs on the side to really give some hella context and because Chinese New Year. They’re all designed by local artists including Mike Makatron, Facter, Mulga, Conrad Bizjak and Ruskidd.

And if you’re a time-lapse lover, you can check out the trickster handiwork of Matt Vandeputte who documented the installation.

Check them out at Crown every 30 minutes from 8pm until February 27. And watch those eyelash extensions.

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