Mizami Flowers – Gorgeous arrangements, decor, macaroons and of course, flowers

Marina, a gorgeous mother of two and loving wife of Illia, has a really beautiful talent and passion in floristry and that’s why she’s started her gorgeous hand-crafted business, Mizami Flowers.

Beautiful, hand-made floral arrangements, gift boxes and decor, Mizami Flowers vision is simple: create more creative, luxury, out of ordinary flower products and gifts, affordable for everyone. Flowers are luxury, but shouldn’t be luxury on the price. 

There is no meaning in the word ‘Mizami’ apart from the first letters of the names people she really loves and that’s why she creates these gorgeous products, for people to give to people they truly love.

Currently a home-based, hand-crafted business, Mizami Flowers will be launching their online store and website in the upcoming weeks. Their prices start from, as little, as $40 for daily bouquets, including the delivery in Melbourne  and inner suburbs.

Flower & Macaroons Gorgeous Gift Boxes

Fresh and delicate patisserie-made macaroons and flowers

$50 small & $70 large

Flower & Newborn Adorable Arrangements 

Handmade knitted hats, booties and flowers

$85 large

Wonderful Wedding Packages

Tailor-made packages to match your perfect day

Starting from $299

Mizami Flowers

t: 0432 400 743

e: [email protected]

i: mizamiflowers

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