Mountain Goat Surefoot Stout

Can you change a sentimental beer without changing the recipe? Yes you CAN.

Those familiar with one of Melbourne’s favourite breweries, Mountain Goat would have seen Surefoot Stout reappear every winter since 1998 when it became the second-ever release from Cam and Dave. To me, Surefoot Stout has never been the superstar mid-fielder of the Goat range, but more like the dependable centre-half-back with sure hands and a reliable foot (see what I did there?).

Well, the reliable centre-half-back has been to the gym over summer and hit the new season with some real metal. The move to a can was done with some confidence given the overwhelming success of canning Summer and Fancy Pants (a.k.a. Second Mortgage) and must surely warm the cockles of the die-hard Goat fans to see Surefoot Stout survive the change in direction the brewery undertook some years back.

If you’ve never tried Surefoot before, Mountain Goat’s Regional Goat, Simon Frake recommends it to anyone that enjoys a warm hug in winter, “True to its nature, the beer is unchanged with its pitch black appearance, a fluffy beige head, a roasted chocolate coffee aroma and satisfying mouth feel thanks to the added flaked barley. Surefoot is just a beautiful drinking experience”.
I agree Frakey, but to add to that, I love that the Surefoot experience is very similar whether you are pouring it from a can or on tap which is rare these days.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to park myself in front of the open fire at my local pub and enjoy this great beer with some slow cooked Irish stew and some crusty bread. Surefoot Stout is available in cans and on tap in most good beer venues all around Victoria.

Mountain Goat Surefoot Stout
ABV: 4.9%
Style: Sweet Stout
Serving Temp: 8 degrees
Origin: Melbourne
Food pairing: Winter stew or chocolate mousse
Price (RRP): 375ml $8.50
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