TAP Wines

If you’re a wine drinker, unless you’re headed to one of the awesome boutique wine bars in Melbourne, sourcing ‘safe’ wine by the glass can be a precarious business.

So often either the freshness or the quality is questionable, sometimes both!

Tapping into Melbourne’s love of a good glass of wine, Andrew De Angelis, founder of TAP has brought imported Italian wine to Australia, but the real (cork) twist? It’s on tap! Move over beer and cider in Melbourne, it’s wine’s time to shine.


Packaged in stainless steel canisters in Italy, the wine is protected from oxidisation, de-carbonation, UV strike, spoilage and cork taint. It stays fresh longer than a bottle, and with each cylinder storing 20 litres of wine, that’s 26 bottles, caps and corks that don’t end up in the bin. The cylinders are even reusable, with an estimated 30 year life span.

As if we needed a reason to drink wine, now we can feel altruistic while sipping, too!

You may have seen the baby blue, impressively slick (and specially designed we’re told) ceramic taps around in places such as 400 Gradi, Brunetti, Ladro, Mister Bianco, Massi and A25 Pizzeria.

The TAP team source grapes from Tuscany and Veneto, and offer a range from Rosé, Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese and recently Sparkling Extra Dry (code for Prosecco!)

Team GRAM have tried and tested the TAP wines by the glass, and all you wine snobs out there can just re-lax okay. This idea is not just innovative, cost effective and great for the environment, but they make a pretty darn decent drop, too.

We’ll be enjoying a glass (or two) of the Sparkling Extra Dry this Spring, and just because it’s designed to be drunk by the glass, definitely doesn’t mean we have to stop at one.



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