Lucy M…….. 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

It’s not news to anyone that the Adelaide Hills are producing some of the country’s very best wine. Further still, the Basket Range that sits within the region is home to a small community of winemakers that are now renowned in Australia’s winemaking industry as some of the heaviest hitters of the natural winemaking movement.

Perhaps one of the more prominent characters at the helm of this community is Anton Klopper with his Lucy Margaux Vineyards. Aiming to produce wines that “express themselves,” Klopper doesn’t add any yeast, bacteria, acid, or other artificial or natural additives to his products.

While many of his wines have included a small amount of sulphur added at the end of the fermentation process, the label’s most recent releases (the newly-titled Lucy M……. wines) have included no sulphur at all, not least of which is the delicious Lucy M……. 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. Quirkily named and labelled, the exterior reflects the interior. This groundbreaking wine is such easy drinking and so delicious it goes down just like water. Not your standard sauv blanc, the texture is like fresh cloudy apple juice and the flavour is ever-so-slightly stonefruity, with a refreshing, almost salty but not-at-all citrusy zing.

Look, if you’re a hardcore traditional sauv blanc drinker, you’re going to have to open your mind a little bit and let go of your preconceptions to enjoy this one. But once you do, and you try the Lucy M……. interpretation of the variety, you probably won’t look back.

Lucy M……. 2016 Sauvignon Blanc
RRP: $29


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